ASPIRE to retire

Approaching retirement is a challenging time for your clients and providing them with the quality of service you would wish is difficult to do within the margins of profit available.

ASPIRE to retire have teamed up with the FINANCIAL Group to offer you and your clients access to a high quality customer centric self select annuity process. Once referred to ASPIRE all regulatory requirements are removed from your business and any revenue share for the introduction is straight on your bottom line profitability.

This proposition has been developed with RDR and the new ABI code in mind making ii fully aligned to the modern annuity market.

There are several key USP's

  • unique early engagement and marketing portal
  • online management information
  • Full ECQF functionality with full whole of market comparisons available
  • removal of regulatory risk from your business and improved bottom line profitability

To find out more about how this proposition can benefit you and your clients call or email our business centre now:



Telephone: 0330 2020 399